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Your Success is Our Success
By choosing The Staffing Group, our team is able to promptly identify those positions that will complement your talents, skills, and previous experience.  In addition, if there are areas where your skill set is limited or could use improvement, our assessment tests will help identify the issue to improve your qualifications - giving you access to an even greater number of job opportunities.

Better Pay Rates
The Staffing Group consistently pays higher hourly rates than our competitors.  As a Staffing Group employee you will get more than a fair shake - youíll get top dollar for what you do and the satisfaction of knowing you are among the best paid employees in the business.  Why settle for anything less?

Resume Building & Interview Help
Your resume is the first thing that a potential new employer sees and as the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  At The Staffing Group, we process a lot of resumes.  Put your best foot forward by allowing our recruiters to help you create a winning resume, polish your interviewing skills and maximize your chances for success.

Understanding the Massachusetts Job Market
We have our finger on the pulse of the Massachusetts job market.  Our placement specialists have years of experience in the staffing industry within your community.  We visit the job site of every new client and meet with hiring managers and members of the existing team in order to determine the exact nature of a position and what is needed in order to succeed in that job.

Enjoy What You Do
Having a good rapport with coworkers and employers is often the key to making a good job great.  At The Staffing Group, we know how much of your life is spent working and we believe that hard work should be fun.  Our job is to help you achieve financial, professional and personal success.

Donít Wait Any Longer
Come gain an edge on the competition - submit your resume today!


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